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Name : Douwe Meetsma MSc
Address : Fideliostraat 20
Residence : 7323CX Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Telephone : +31 55 3601892
Cell / GSM : +31 653 40 50 75
Emailaddress : douwe@meetsma.nl
Date of birth : 22 November 1953
Place of birth : Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Marital status : Married, son (1987) and daughter (1995)
Nationality : Dutch



Douwe Meetsma is a result driven (interim) manager with a focus on the human perspective. Within his track record this has always been an important factor when implementing a change (culture, market orientation, professionalizing). By now Douwe Meetsma has acquired experiences in multiple branches and environments, national and international.

Douwe Meetsma has knowledge of and working experience with the implementation of management systems and methods based on i.e.: INK, EFQM, TQM, ISO-9001, BRL-6001, TL9000, ISO/TS-16949, 5D/8D, OHSAS, VCA.

For several organisations Douwe Meetsma is the Quality Manager ‘on demand’. He represents these organisations during external audits, performs internal audits, prepares and sets up the periodical Management Reviews and maintains the contacts with certifying bodies.

Douwe Meetsma has a sympathetic and cooperative attitude, focus on building good relations with colleagues. Has attention to others, provides support and encourages others. Prefers to work as a team. A useful person in every phase. Has the ability to adapt. Trustworthy in handling everything that he has been put in charge of. Has an eye for detail. Vigilant and conscientious when it comes to routine work. Sober, realistic and a higher than average level of self-organization. Good at translating plans into effective action and willing to do what must be done to that end. Tackles the issues systematically. Can delegate work and will ensure to make the best possible use of a team. Someone who thinks before he acts. Take distance and look objectively. Capable of many options being taken into account. Will perform well in a position where balanced appraisal of interests is at stake. Can realise a steady progress in the works by his focus on accuracy and content quality. Has a sharp mind and the distinctive character that is valuable in the planning and preparation stages of a project. Possesses loyalty and solidarity with the objectives of the group.

Douwe Meetsma

Douwe Meetsma:
“Ik ben een resultaatgedreven adviseur en (interim) manager met een focus op het menselijke perspectief. Binnen mijn projecten is dit altijd een belangrijke factor geweest bij de uitvoering van een verandering (cultuur, marktgerichtheid, professionalisering). Tijdens mijn loopbaan heb ik ervaring opgedaan in diverse branches, nationaal en internationaal.”

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